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(1/22/02 8:03:13 pm)
Reply Hi! Long time no see!

Hey Everyone!!

Wow...I deserve to be smacked with a pillow for not writing in sooner! Things have been wonderfully hectic lately and you all have helped out SOOO MUCH! Every time I check in on the site I'm blown away with all of your incredible dedication, enthusiasm and love for music. You all are making this site and this album happen and I have a MAJOR THANK YOU
to all of you!!!

December was an amazing month for me and I hope you all enjoyed my TV appearances! (I don't blame you if you couldn't get up to watch the Today show...I barely made it
myself)! Brian Boitano turned out to be one of the nicest guys in the world and I was so thrilled to be asked to be on his special. I thought he and Kristi Yamaguchi did an awesome job. The Larry King Show was wonderful too. He's one of the smartest guys in television and he was totally nice and I loved how they made the music on that show a tribute to the victims of Sept. 11.

Last month I got to travel to Oslo, Norway! It's one of my favorite places on earth. The country is beautiful, the people are REALLY friendly, and the food is amazing...but only if you like cheese and herring (I'm weird that way). I did a TV special over there called Sportsman of the Year. It honors the top Norweigian sports stars and has the top musical acts in Norway. The king of Norway was also there and the audience was amazing. It's only a small part of our European tour in the next year.

The coming months are full of incredible things, a couple of which I have to wait a few days before I can tell you. I CAN tell you, since I know a lot of you have been frustrated that the NEWS post has been up way too long (sorry about that!), what the special "surprise" is that David Foster and I have planned. He and I are going to get together in the studio tomorrow and bring a camera and pick out some of your questions and try to answer them together. Warner records has sent me all of your wonderful questions and comments so hopefully yours will get answered! We may even play some music you haven't heard yet (Shhhh!). Anyway, it should be fun!

Thanks again everyone for being so great and considerate on this site. I speak for everyone in saying KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! Stay tuned to the NEWS section for some more great updates in the next week!! BYE!




對我來說十二月是個很不可思議的月份,我希望你們都喜歡我在電視上的表演!(如果你們沒有辦法早起來看 Today show,我不怪你們...因為我自己差點也起不來)!Brian Boitano 是個世界上最好的人之一而我真的很興奮能夠在他的特別節目上表演。我認為他和 Kristi Yamaguchi 表演得很棒。 The Larry King Show 也很棒。他是電視上最聰明的人之一而他的人真的很好而我喜歡他們把音樂用在對九一一的紀念上。

上個禮拜我去了挪威的奧斯陸!這是我在地球上最喜歡的地方之一。這個國家很美麗,人們很友善,食物真的很棒...但是你要喜歡起司和鯡魚(我很怪,我喜歡那樣吃)。我也參加了一個電視特別節目叫做 Sportsman of the Year。那個節目頒獎給在挪威對音樂有貢獻的頂尖運動員。挪威的國王也在那裡,觀眾也非常好。這只是我們明年在歐洲巡迴的一站。

接下來的幾個月會有很多很棒的事,有些要等到活動的前幾天我才能告訴你們。但是我可以告訴你們,自從我知道你們對在 News 那一頁的新聞已經變成舊聞很灰心(對不起!),那個特別的「surprise」是大衛佛斯特和我一起計劃的。他和我明天會一起在錄音室,帶著錄影機,試著回答一些你們的問題。華納音樂已經把你們的問題交給我了希望你們的問題能夠得到回答!我也許會播一些你們還沒聽過的音樂(噓!)。所以會很有趣的!

再次謝謝你們對這個網站那個支持。希望你們能夠支持下去!繼續回到 News 那一頁,下個禮拜有一些新消息!Bye!



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