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誰是 Josh Groban / David Foster 的留言

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(2/4/02 5:41:13 pm)
Reply david foster's first post

hey everyone- i finally am able to write to all of you thanks to robin and john at warner bros. setting me up--first of all, i can't find the right words to thank all of you for your support for our josh. when you read liz smith's column "the first true internet star" you must certainly take a lot of pride and credit in that statement. brian and i have been working with josh for 3 years and this album has been a labor of love for me. now, thanks to all of you, warner bros. has gone full blown ( and done an incredible job) and the whole world is finding out what we and all of you have known for months. he is, as you have all spoken about, a great kid with an unbelievable talent and a voice from another planet. he has his feet firmly planted on the ground and has great parents and a great brother. i love all kinds of music but given the choice, this is where my heart is.

about the surprise--sorry it has taken so long but i think it will be up late tonight or tomorrow. we had fun doing it and i hope you will find it fun, entertaining and personal.(only for josh's website)
josh as you can imagine is working very hard--24/7. right now he's on his way to canada for some tv shows and press. its been quite a ride so far--very gratifying but much more work still to do. under the column of "you know you're hitting the bigtime when..) today i was having lunch with a.j. from the backstreet boys(namedropper) and he says "who's that dude with the curly hair--what a voice "--so there you have it!!!!

i want you to know that i visit this sight every few days and i find it informative, funny, intelligent, entertaining and very very interesting. we appreciate you all very much--there hopefully will be millions soon but we know where it all started. thankyou-thankyou-thankyou--by the way, that was my daughter amy who posted--she's a great songwriter signed to emi( website amy gillies .com) and i love the song she wrote on the album and of course my wife wrote the lyrics to "to where you are" and "you're still you." kind of a family thing. yes it was me who signed on jeanne's site (great site) and i did spell grobAnite wrong and i don't ever use capitals and i never check spelling or read what i write soooo goes--i will post again soon--best regards --david

嗨大家好 - 我終於能夠寫信給你們謝謝華納的 robinjohn。幫我設立帳號 -- 第一,我沒有辦法用文字來敘述我的感謝,感謝你們對 Josh 的支持。當你讀到 liz smith 的專欄「第一個網路的明星」你們要感覺到很多的驕傲。brian 和我已經和 josh 合作三年了而這張專輯是我甜美的果實。現在,謝謝你們,華納音樂覺得非常不可思議,而這整個世界將會發掘你們已經認識幾個月的聲音。他是一個很棒的孩子,有不可思議的才華和一個來自另一個星球的聲音。他很踏實,有很棒的父母和弟弟。我喜歡每種音樂但是如果要我選的話,這才是我想要的。

有關那個 surprise -- 很對不起用了那麼久的時間,但是我想今晚或明天它就會在網路上。我們做得很開心,我希望你們也會覺得很有趣及很私人(只有在 josh 的網站)。你們可以想像 josh 非常地努力 -- 一週七天,一天二十四小時。現在他正在去加拿大的路上為一些電視節目錄影和記者會。這是個非常遙遠的旅程 -- 非常令人滿足但是還有很長一段錄要走。在報紙專欄「你知道你已經成名了當...」今天我和 backstreet boys a.j. 在午飯的時候談話,他說「誰是那個有卷髮的小子 -- 聲音真好」 -- 所以~

我要讓你們知道我每隔幾天就來這個網站看看而我覺得非常有用及非常非常有趣。我們很感謝你們 -- 希望不久將來有更多的你們但是我們都知道這裡才是起點。謝謝謝謝謝謝 -- 對了,我的女兒 amy 剛剛留言 -- 他是個很棒的作曲者,目前在 emi 唱片公司工作(網頁是 amygillies .com)我喜歡她為這張專輯寫的歌當然我的太太為「to where you are」和「you're still you」作詞。是的是我到 jeanne 的網站留言(很棒的網站)並且將 grobAnite 拼錯了而我從來不把字大寫或糾正錯字或更正我寫的所以...就這樣 -- 我會再留言 -- 祝好 -- David


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