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joshproducer(David Foster)
Registered User
(3/6/02 9:09:04 pm)
the david foster foundation
二○○二年三月六日 晚上九時九分四秒

can you even imagine how thrilled i am that many of you got together to do such a wonderful thing for josh's birthday by making contributions to our foundation in canada. it was one of the most heartfelt things that i have ever experienced. 16 years ago i visited a little girl from my hometown in the hospital here. she needed a liver transplant. she was extra sad because it was her sister's birthday and she missed her. terribly. for a 400 dollar airfare i was able to light up her world more than you could imagine. when her sister walked into that hospital room i was hooked for good. thats what we do. airfares, housing, morgage payments, cars, etc. we have only one (very underpaid )employee--lynn--she's a saint--the rest of the money goes exactly where it's supposed to go. your generous dollars are lighting up some childs life right now so go to sleep knowing you have done something great today. who knew that pouring your heart and soul into an album with a great talent like josh would lead to things like this--it's a great world!!! thankyou , thankyou --david foster

你們能夠想像,當我知道你們為了慶祝喬許的生日,向我設立在加拿大的基金會捐款的時候,是多麼地感動嗎?那是我遇到最感人的經歷之一。十六年前我到醫院探訪了一未來自我家鄉的小女孩。她需要肝臟移植。她那天很傷心,因為那天是她妹妹的生日,而且她很想她。這真是太糟糕了。你們絕對無法想像一張四百美元的機票能帶給她多大的歡樂。當她妹妹走進那醫院病房的那剎那我就被這有意義的事所吸引了。那就是我們基金會所做的。機票、住宿、貸款、車子等等。我們只有一位工作人員﹙薪水非常少﹚ -- 琳 -- 她是個聖人 -- 所有的錢都會到應該去的地方。你們慷慨的捐款會為一些孩童的生命帶來希望,現在我可以入睡,知道你們今天做了這麼棒的事。誰能預知在注入你的心血及靈魂進入像喬許這麼有才華的人的專輯,會牽連到像這樣的事 -- 這個世界真是棒!!!謝謝,謝謝。 -- 大衛佛斯特


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