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(7/12/04 8:30 pm)
二○○四年七月十二日 下午八時三十分
Hi Guys

I want to let everyone know how terribly shocked I was to find out about the mess at the AOL concert. The airport hanger is where I've been rehearsing the show and it was the only location we could use. I knew a lot of you would be there and I couldn't have been more excited to show everyone a small portion of the new tour outing. The fact that many people were mistreated and misinformed has made me sick to my stomach as I only found out about it this morning. The concert was left in the hands of AOL (as they do these all the time) and I was preparing myself to perform with the trust that everything was being taken care of (as I do at every concert). I ASSURE you that this would not happen at any of my full concerts as this was a special event completely out of my teams hands as far as set up and tickets go. That said, mistakes are sometimes made and this was a big mistake. When a grobanite is hurt, it hurts me just as much and so I extend a major apology to anyone that went home feeling shut out. I can tell you from personal experience that it's the worst feeling in the world and I'm very angry at the fact that it happened. I encourage anyone who feels wronged to e-mail the address under the AOL Ticket Holders thread and you will be answered and delt with personally. Additionally, someone had mentioned that there was merchandise being sold. Every penny of the merchandise money went to was a zero profit event and I was thrilled to participate in this great cause. I hope we can move on from this and I hope to see you all this summer. Take care!



我要讓大家知道當我了解 AOLAmerica Online)演唱會的混亂時,我是多麼地震驚。那個飛機場的停機倉庫是我當時排演的場地,而且那是我們所能借到的場地。我知道你們會邀請不少朋友來,而我也非常興奮,因為我可以秀你們一部份夏季演唱會的節目。我剛在今天早上我知道了很多人被很不公平及粗魯的對待,實在是令我非常震驚及憤怒。這個演唱會是 AOL 所承辦的(就像其他許多演唱會一樣)而我當時正在準備表演事宜及排演,我當時相信每個細節都會處理妥當(就像其他演唱會一樣)。我保證這種事情絕對不會發生在我個人的演唱會上,這是慈善演唱會的排場及售票完全不是我的團隊所能夠控制的。一些錯誤是有時候會出現的,但這實在是一個重大的錯誤。當歌迷們受了委屈及傷害,我也感到十分痛苦。我想對此向大家至上我最誠摯的歉意。我可以了解,以我自己的經驗來說,這是最糟糕的感受,而且我對這件事情的發生感到非常憤怒。我鼓勵任何人如果對這件事情感到不滿的話,請寫信到 AOL 的信箱去投訴,你們的問題一定會被盡量地回答。另外,有些人說在演唱會上有些商品在販賣。所有販賣所得都會到這是一個非營利組織,我很榮幸能參予這個活動。我希望我們能夠圓滿的解決這件事情,並希望能在夏天的巡迴演唱會上看到你們。大家保重!



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