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誰是 Josh Groban / Josh 的留言

(8/21/02 9:26:29 pm)
Hey All!
二○○二年八月二十一日 晚上九時二十六分

Hey Guys, it's Josh again!

I thought I should make another post because I realized that there was a hot topic on the forum regarding the remix and I wanted to just say a few things even though I'm sure I don't really need to.

First of all, THANK YOU for being so passionate about the music. I hope that you will always share your views toward anything I do whether you agree with it or not. It's what makes you guys the best fans in the world. Second, I wanted to give a few artistic reasons for why I approved this remix. It is definately, without a doubt, NOT like the original and I wanted it that way. I realize that the original will ALWAYS be the original, and I wanted a version of the song that was hopeful sounding but also told the message with the lyrics. After all, the song is about knowing that through the pain, the person you miss is still with you. Also, I know some of you asked about what would happen if people wanted to buy the song. There will be a single released with both remixes as well as the original version as well as a couple surprises.


This remix is a BLIP compared to what we have in store in the next couple months. We are in the planning stages of the PBS special, and I couldn't be more excited about it. All of you will have an opportunity to get priority tickets so stay glued to the forum and the news section! I hope to see many of you there!

Thanks again for everything.


我認為我需要再留言,因為我發覺討論區裡有很多人在討論那最新「To Where You Are」的重新混音。雖然我其實不需要解釋為什麼我們決定要重新為那首歌編曲,但是我還是要抒發一些想法。







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