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(11/10/03 8:16 pm)

Hi all!

It's Josh again!

Just wanted to check in and say hi again before the CD comes out tomorrow. It's so seems like yesterday when I was out doing the same thing for album #1. I can't wait to see all of you at GMA, The View, the Virgin Megastore signing and everywhere else in the coming months!

It's a perfect time for me to reflect on the last couple of years and all that has happened. I hope you all are as excited as I am that it's starting all over again! I"m so proud of this new album and I hope you all enjoy it. I feel like I've been able to take a step forward and show all of you a few different sides of me and some hints of things to come in the future. I'm also starting to design and get ready for the tour. I think most of you know the cities I'm visiting. If I'm not visiting your town, I hope I'll at least be near it and you never know, we may add some dates during the summer.

So theres now a fan club!! This is probably the one request I had more than any in the last year from all of you and I really hope most of you get a chance to check it out. Theres no pressure to join...this will always be the "main hang-out" but it does have a ton of cool features and you get a t-shirt so I mean COME ON!

This next trip out is dedicated to all of you. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and I'll see you on the road!




我只是想在專輯發行前一天跟大家打聲招呼。感覺上好奇怪...這個情景就好像昨天一樣,在第一張專輯發行前我跟現在一樣做同樣的事。我等不及想要在「Good Morning America」、「The View」節目、維京唱片簽名會上及接下來的幾個月內遇見你們!


說到歌迷後援會!這大概是我去年所得到最多要求設立的一件事,我希望你們能有機會去看看。你不一定要參加...官方討論區永遠是最主要哈拉的地方,但是後援會有許多很酷的功能,而且你可以得到一件 t-shirt 所以我說趕快來參加吧!





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