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誰是 Josh Groban / David Foster 的留言

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(11/24/02 1:27:29 am)
message from david foster
二○○二年八月二十一日 凌晨一時二十七分

shame on me for not posting since feb. i have no excuse but message for now is short and simple. firstly, THANKYOU>THANKYOU and THANKYOU. we absolutely could not have done this without your help. you singlehandedly brought josh's music to millions of people. it's amazing but it is a reality. we are indebted to all of you in a bigger way than even most of you realize. it's SOOOOOOO hard to break a new artist and even harder when the music is outside of the box.its supposed to happen this way but hardly ever does. the chairman of warner's asked me the other day what i would have done if he had not put josh's album out. i told him i would have asked to get out of my contract. that's how much i believed this would work. secondly, i want to congratulate our J.G. on how brilliantly he has handled himself thru all of the craziness (with a lot of help from my old buddy B.A.) how about that pbs special--how about oh holy nite-- how about the world series--how about that duet with babs(with another great lyric from my wife!!) we're all looking forward to getting started on the next album in jan and want you to know that we pay attention to everything you talk about on the site--what you like musicially and what you don't like (i promised myself i wouldn't mention the re-mix but i just can't help myself!!!) wouldn't it be great if the grobanites helped pick the 12 xmas songs for a christmas c.d. (maybe 2004)--anyway, happy thanksgiving to all of you--i know it's going to be a good one in the groban house this year--i promise i won't wait 9 more months to post--see you soon--your grateful friend--david foster

我真的很慚愧,從二月就沒有上來留言。我沒有藉口不留言了,但是從今開始留言將會是短短的。首先,謝謝、謝謝、謝謝你們。沒有你們的幫助,我們將不會有今天。你們獨力將喬許的音樂帶給幾百萬人。那實在是很驚人,但那是事實。我們實在是虧欠你們太多了。將一位新的歌手介紹給大眾實在是一件非常困難的事,而他特殊的音樂風格使得這個過程更加艱難。華納的總裁問我說如果他不讓喬許出唱片,我會怎麼做?我說,我會終止與華納的契約。那就是我相信這會成功的程度。第二,我要恭喜我們的喬許,他成功地將自己從這一團糟中處理得很好﹙從我的老朋友布萊恩得到許多幫助﹚-- 像是公共電視得特別節目 -- 像是美國職棒總決賽 -- 像是與芭芭拉的合唱﹙我太太寫的很棒的歌詞!﹚我們希望在明年一月能夠開始灌錄新的唱片,我們也想讓你們知道,我們會注意你們在討論區裡的意見 -- 你們喜歡什麼以及不喜歡什麼﹙我答應我自己不會再提起重新混音,但是我不能控制我自己!﹚如果所有的歌迷能夠幫我們選出十二首耶誕節歌曲,作為耶誕節的 CD (大概在二○○四年﹚,不是很好嗎?總而言之,祝你們感恩節快樂 -- 我知道在葛洛班家裡將會是一個溫馨的感恩節 -- 我也發誓我不會再等九個月之後再留言 -- 希望很快再見到你 -- 你誠摯的朋友 -- 大衛佛斯特


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