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(12/14/03 4:03 pm)
not so bright david foster

well folks, i may be an ok record producer but i'm an idiot for not saving my post that took me an hour to write and got deleted before it made the board--maybe it's just as well--some of it was a tad bit defensive--anyway- the main point was about opinions--the only thing that really separates us from the rest of the animal kingdon is that we can reason and we have opinions--contrary to the obvious, i think the world would be a whole lot more chaotic without opinions. its true that seth riggs sent me a tape with a lot of singers on it--i picked josh(not a stretch--the rest were not very good.) seth was very,very well compensated and josh is now a new calling card on seth's resume. i'm not really a fan of vocal coaches and josh's desision to change is no different to me than changing classes at college or getting a new mechanic for your car. josh feels very comfortable with david romano--his call--no one elses!! for the record, i ran into seth the other nite and he apologized to me for all the negitivity he has been spreading about me and josh. enough said.
now about the new album--when josh and i were making the first album it was just the two of us--to be perfectly honest, no one was really interested in what we were doing. i told him a year ago that now that everyone had something to compare to , that there would be "opinions".i also told him that failure is an orphan but success has many fathers. 5 millionplus fans, a manager, an agent, a record company with a huge vested interest , pr people, fan club, radio promo people, tv hosts etc etc.--too much italian, not enough italian, too pop, not pop enough--why don't we hear our josh on the radio, i hope he never sells out and gets on the radio-- what about the french, too many ballads, not enough ballads, too many high notes, too many low notes."opinions"--my main point is this--we don't get that scientific--we don't debate the things that other folks debate. we just make music. josh is 22-he writes, he plays piano, he plays drums, he loves all kinds of music--he has an "opinion" -and of course, he has the voice of an angel--you have to say celine, whitney, barbara and josh in the same sentence. i guarantee you that josh is taking great care of his voice while at the same time "searching for his voice." i think he is going to blow our minds over and over with his musical choices over the next decade. he has a lot to say and he's only just begun(good song title) i predict that he will be producing himself before too long--he's that good at whatever he puts his energy in.. for the record, my favorite song on the new album is per te--a song i neither wrote or produced.

it's an honor to be part of this great career--helping someone reach their dreams and more importantly, their potential. from seth riggs, to the guy stuffing the cd case, to the fans --everyone played a part but no one more than the man himself--JOSH GROBAN--yes, success has many fathers--thank god or we'd all be ego-maniacs--keep those opinions coming -free speech is a beautiful thing but (and only for a few of you) please be kind-spirited about it--we do read these posts --i've got to get back to work(could i be working on an xmas 2004 album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) i wish each and every one of you a happy and healthy holiday and 2004. with best wishes--david foster

各位,我也許是個普通的唱片製作人但是我真是個笨蛋忘了把我用了一個小時寫好的留言先存起來那留言被刪除了 -- 搞不好這篇也是一樣的下場 -- 有些事情我需要辯解一下 -- 其實我要說的是有關其他人的意見 -- 唯一將我們與動物分開的事就是我們能夠思考及發表意見 -- 相反的,我認為如果我們不能發表意見的話,世界將會是一團亂。Seth RiggsJosh 最初的老師)當初送了一捲帶子給我,裡面有很多歌手 -- 我選了 Josh(不是我在說 -- 剩下的都不是很好)Seth 當時已經是非常出名了,然而現在他可以把 Josh 加進他的履歷表裡。我對聲樂教練不是很在行,然而 Josh 要換老師的決定對我來說是沒有差別的,就像在大學裡換課或在車上加上新裝置。 Josh 對於現在的教練 David Ramano -- 他的決定 -- 很適應,不是別人的決定!!我想把話說清楚,我前幾天遇到 Seth ,他對於散播一些有關我及 Josh 的負面意見而向我道歉。這樣應該很清楚了。

現在有關新專輯 -- 當 Josh 和我製作第一張專輯,那個時候就只有他跟我 -- 老實說,沒有人真正對我們在做的事情感到興趣。一年前我告訴他,大家都會有一個比較的標準,都會有意見。我也告訴他「失敗」是一個孤兒,但「成功」有許多父親。五百萬個歌迷、一個經繼人、一個經繼公司、一個有個極大興趣的唱片公司、公關人員、歌迷後援會、電台人員、電視主持人等等 -- 太多義大利文、不夠多義大利文、太主流、不夠主流 -- 為什麼我們不在電台節目裡聽 Josh 的歌曲,我希望他的唱片賣不出去,電台上聽不到 -- 有關法文、太多抒情歌曲、不夠多抒情歌曲、太多高音、太多低音。「意見」 -- 我主要想說的是 -- 我們沒有辦法那麼精確 -- 我們不試著爭論別人所辯論的東西。我們只是做音樂。 Josh 現在二十二歲 -- 他寫歌、彈鋼琴、打鼓、他喜歡各式各樣的音樂 -- 他也有「意見」 -- 當然,他有天使般的聲音 -- 你可以將席琳、惠特妮、芭芭拉和 Josh 放在同一個句子裡。我保證你 Josh 會保護他的嗓子,在同時也會「尋找他的聲音」。我想他會在接下來的十年當中一次又一次地用他的聲音來迷幻我們。他有許多話要說,而他才剛開始而已,我預測他在不久的將來會製作自己的唱片 -- 他對於他專心一至的事情都非常在行...我在這張新專輯最喜歡的歌是 Per Te -- 這首歌不是我寫的也不是我製作的。

能夠參予這個年輕人的經歷是莫大的榮幸 -- 幫助一個人達到他的夢想及更重要的是,他的潛能。從 Seth Riggs ,到 CD 包裝的工作人員,到歌迷 -- 每一個人都有他的角色但是沒有一個比 JOSH GROBAN 更重要 -- 是的,「成功」有許多父親 -- 感謝天,要不然我們都會是自大狂 -- 繼續抒發你們的意見 -- 自由言論是個美好的是但是(只給你們少數幾個)請親切一點 -- 我們大家都讀你們的留言的 -- 我需要回去工作(我也許已經開始製作 2004 年的耶誕節唱片!!!)我希望你們有個快樂及健康的假期及 2004 年 -- 大衛佛斯特

註:在官方留言版,有個 Seth 的學生留言說,Seth 認為大衛佛斯特和 David Ramano 在這張專輯裡為 Josh 寫的歌高音太多,會破壞 Josh 的聲音...


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