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(12/21/02 2:16:19 am)
The Post!!!
二○○二年十二月二十一日 凌晨二時十六分

Hi Everyone!!


<big breath>


I know, I know...long time no post. Again I am sorry for that but you all know how crazy it has been the last 5 months! So much has happened and this board has become even BIGGER!! There are at least 2000 more members on here since I posted last and so I guess I should say WELCOME!! I also want to thank everyone here for their tireless efforts to keep this board such a cool community. You all are the GREATEST!! can quote me.

One of the biggest moments for me in the last few months was the taping of my PBS special. It was the first time I was able to get onto a stage and sing all the songs live and everyone who was in the audience made it so much more special. The energy in the Pasadena Civic Theater was incredible and it made me much more excited about the upcoming tour! SPEAKING of which...we'll announce all the dates and venues on valentines day!!

It has also been so much fun meeting many of you at the NY and L.A. CD signings at Barnes & Noble and Borders. I never expected in a million years that so many people would show up. I know some of you felt discouraged and left before I finished signing but I promise there will be more of them in the future and I hope you'll come back! So, to all of you who were there...thanks for the kindness, the support, the stuffed llamas, and the hugs behind the security guards backs.

As I watched 20/20 tonight, it made me realize how much has happened. Things move so fast it's difficult to take it all in. From selling 3 million albums worldwide to singing for the Pope and President and having "Grobanites" (!!!), this year has been a blessing and a gift that will live with me forever. As I gear up for a new album and my first tour, I know that the work has just begun and look forward to sharing every moment of it with you guys in 2003.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!









在我今天晚上看「20/20」節目的時候,我發現原來這麼多事情已經發生在我身上。所有的事情都發生得這麼快,很難去吸收那些已經發生的事。從賣出三百萬張唱片到在教宗及總統面前演唱,以及擁有歌迷「葛洛班人」﹙!!﹚,今年是被祝福的一年,而且我會永遠保存的禮物。當我在準備新專輯和我第一個巡迴演唱的同時,我知道這才是個開始,並且希望在 2003 年能夠與你們分享每一個記憶。


- 喬許


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