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(12/23/06 11:02 pm)
Happy Holidays!!

Hi Everyone!!

It's that time again....

I am SOOO glad to be home with my friends and family (and doggy). I feel like my breath has been held since the album came out and I'm finally able to come up for air and fully appreciate what has happened and be thankful. It's been three years since the release of Closer...and I've worked so hard on Awake and really made something I felt was special and was something to be proud of. My only hope was that It would find you all well and that we could pick up where we left off and it most certainly has happened. The support and enthusiasm you all have shown me in the last month and a half has touched my soul like you would not believe. I know it seems simple, but to all the fans here and around the world, thank you for listening.

On that note, we have so much to under 2 months the album has sold almost 2 million copies around the world making it platinum in the U.S. and many other countries. To all the fans who showed up in the cold to GMA, all the shows in the U.S., Holland, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, and made my trip so worth while and you can't believe what it means to me and my band when we have you there to support. Your energy is infectious and your ability to turn all the "what? who is he?" people into fans is really kinda spooky.

Not only have you been there to support the music...You have continued to amaze me and my family with your charitable work. The other day I was at the Los Angeles Children's Hospital handing out stuffed animals that were bought with donations to the JGF and pillowcases and totes made by the "Tender Totes" guys are amazing, and are an example of a large group of fans who have donated their time and energy to helping others. I wish you could have been there to see the looks on the kids faces...they lit up the room. Since the last auction, you all have raised over 32,000 dollars!!

Ok...a word about press. Recently I couldn't help but notice a bit of a point/counterpoint going on (which I think is great) about a certain article that just came out. I wasn't going to even bring attention to it by mentioning it but I will say a couple of things I learned from it. 1. Sarcasm doesn't come across too well in the creatively edited printed word 2. Sometimes I have too much caffeinated fun and say too much without realizing that nothing is ever JUST for a magazine in the world of internet. If you thought it was a hilarious, intelligent piece of youthful commentary then great. If you didn't, then...well...I agree with you and hope you can move on.

The planning for the tour is almost finished!! The set is being built and I start rehearsing the day after new years which means my new years eve celebration will probably consist of watching Family Guy with my dog, then timing my microwave Hungry Man dinner to count down to the beep exactly at the stroke of midnight. This business is so glamorous I can't stand it.

Ok thats about all! I have to put my sock monkey ornament on the tree and try and relax for a few days. I hope you and yours have an amazing holiday and a very fun and safe new year. I really think 2007 is going to be a great one and as always, I'm honored and excited to share it with you every step of the way.

Lots of love




我真的很高興能夠與我的家人和朋友團聚﹝還有我的狗﹞。我覺得我好像從唱片一發行之後就一直秉住呼吸,而現在我終於能夠浮出水面呼吸,並且對於所有的一切心生感謝。距離「Closer」已經三年了...我花了非常多心血在 Awake 上,我覺得這張專輯是非常特別的,而且我覺得很為它而驕傲。我只希望你們會喜歡它,不過我已經看到了你們對這一張專輯的喜愛。上個月我也看到了你們的支持和熱誠,讓我非常地感動。你們的支持看起來似乎簡單,但是給所有的歌迷們,謝謝你們的聆聽。

說到唱片,有一件事情可以慶祝的...就是這張專輯在不到兩個月的時間,在全世界已經售出了將近兩百萬張,在美國和其他國家已經達到白金唱片。那些站在寒冷天氣裡等著錄影「Good Morning America」節目的歌迷,所有在美國、荷蘭、法國、德國、愛爾蘭、挪威、和瑞典錄影現場的你們...由於你們的支持和鼓勵,讓我的旅行更有意義。你們的精力是有感染力的,讓所有的問「什麼?他是誰?」的人變成歌迷,這實在是有點不可思議。

你們不只支持我的音樂...你們的慈善工作讓我和我的家人非常地感動。前幾天我在洛杉磯的兒童醫院發給病童們透過 Josh Groban 基金會捐贈的玩具、枕頭套和「Tender Totes」團隊做的手提袋...你們願意花時間來幫忙其他人,實在是太棒了。我真希望你們那個時候能夠看看孩子們的臉...他們看到玩具的時候臉都亮起來了。自從基金會上次的拍賣以來,你們已經籌了美金 32000 元以上!


整個巡迴演唱會的事宜已經快要籌備結束了!舞台已經開始進行施工,我在新年之後就會開始排演,這意味著我的除夕大概會是和我的狗一起看「Family Guy﹝註:美國一個無厘頭的卡通節目﹞,然後吃著微波爐食品「Hungry Man」在午夜的時候倒數計時。演藝事業實在太華麗了,我沒有辦法一直在聚光燈下。

OK 就這樣!我需要把我的猴子擺飾放在聖誕樹上,試著休息個幾天。我希望你們都有一個愉快的假日,和一個有趣及安全的新年。我認為 2007 年會是一個很美好的一年,我也非常榮幸和興奮地想和你們分享這一切。

Lots of love


註:Josh2007 年一月份美國 Blender 雜誌﹝一個頗大膽的雜誌﹞有一篇「專訪」,裡面提到了一些對「性」的看法。不知道是因為 Josh 真的說了那些話,還是因為在雜誌主編的「創意」編輯下,整個內容非常的大膽,和 Josh 出道以來的形象完全不同。雜誌的掃描請看這裡,柳兒我就不翻譯成中文了。


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